“At LCL, we are pursuing both a 10 percent growth per year and a 42 percent reduction in our CO2 emissions. Our ambition is to be climate neutral by 2030. We are well on our way to achieving this ambition.”

Data is driving the future and our business is enabling this future

As we deliver for our clients, through setting new standards and co-creating to become the most reliable and best-connected data center, we set sustainability as our pathway. LCL acknowledges its pioneering role in the data center sector and we aim to be an example for other players in the Belgian and European data center industry.

Helping to create a more circular and sustainable economy

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Empowerment through technology

LCL Data Centers is a proud ambassador for Close The Gap, an international social enterprise that aims to bridge the digital divide by offering high-quality, pre-owned computers donated by European and international companies to educational, medical and social projects all over the world. As facilitators of change, we are mobilising all our customers to support this cause and donate ICT devices. More information: Close The Gap – Help us bridge the digital divide!

Our ESG framework is the starting point of our ESG strategy

It guides how we deliver for our customers, for our employees, for our planet.

Our ESG framework was developed with the insights gained during our materiality assessment. Learn more about this process and our materiality process in our materiality report.

For our planet

LCL is committed to reducing our environmental impact

We are aligning ourselves with the Paris Climate Agreement by implementing our SBTi carbon reduction plan.

Our goals include:

  • 42% reduction in scope 1 & 2 emissions
  • Global PUE of 1.3
  • Fueling generators with biofuel (HVO100)
  • Own generation of renewable energy

For our customers

We want to become the most reliable and best-connected data center for our clients

We achieve this goal by maintaining close relations with our clients and partnering with stakeholders to develop sustainable innovations.

Keeping your digital environments secure is our core activity

We see this core activity go hand in hand with sustainability. That is why besides achieving and maintaining the highest possible quality standards, we are also making efforts to keep your servers physically safe.

Read the sustainability report

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Our sustainability frameworks & certifications

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