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"LCL is a partner that challenges us"


Charline Coppieters, Partner & Communication Officer at Easi
Constance Lecompte, Communicatie & CSR Advisor at Easi

As a rapidly growing enterprise in an ever-evolving industry, Easi adopts an unconventional organisational model where training, career advancement opportunities, and employee ownership play a central role. Easi also relies on its suppliers in its journey towards ‘green IT’: “We appreciate partners like LCL who challenge us and propose ideas that help us achieve our goals.”

Data security is a prerequisite for an IT company like Easi. “LCL is the reliable partner that gives us peace of mind”, say Charline Coppieters and Constance Lecompte. “There’s the significant connectivity, the valuable eco-system, the proximity (both geographically and in terms of service), and the state-of-the-art equipment. Additionally, we place equal importance on tomorrow’s performance. LCL’s continuous innovations and investments in ESG-related areas strengthen our relationship. Easi is a fast-growing company where change is constant. The demand for our cloud solutions is continuously increasing. Hence, we value a stable long-term relationship based on proven trust.”

Sustainability charter and questionnaire

“We notice that LCL continuously focuses on our shared responsibility for our environment and society, just like we do”, says Constance Lecompte, who is actively preparing Easi’s first sustainability report (to be published in 2026). “Of course, the efforts LCL makes for the transition play a role in our value chain – we are aware of the EcoVadis Gold certificate. We consciously choose partners who adhere to the same ESG philosophy as us.”
To make these sustainability principles tangible, Charline Coppieters and Constance Lecompte are preparing a charter and questionnaire to present to every supplier. “We want to raise awareness among all stakeholders about how they can help us achieve our sustainability goals. Ecological considerations will increasingly influence the choice of our suppliers. By 2030, we aim to halve our CO2 emissions compared to 2023.”

The price of green IT

But what if the most sustainable supplier is also the most expensive? “We invite both customers and suppliers to see the bigger picture. We try to convince them that investing in a more sustainable future pays off, but we can’t always go all in. Sometimes we have to take on the role of rope dancers finding the right balance between cost and ecological ambition. So, what about a supplier that subscribes to our charter and is twice as expensive? It’s the total package that counts.”
This dilemma will undoubtedly diminish in the coming years. “European regulations regarding the Green Deal will help us initiate the transition together. Those who are not sustainable will come under pressure, regardless of low prices. There is still a long way to go, but step by step, we’ll get there.”

Unique management model

Easi’s business operations are aimed at attracting young talent and providing maximum opportunities for development. Thus, the two CEOs (one Flemish and one French-speaking) will stay in their positions for a maximum of ten years. It is already established that their successors will come from within the organisation. The same applies to managers, who consistently rise from the ranks and undergo thorough preparation for their roles. “The aim is to give everyone the opportunity to climb up within the organisation. Especially in a rapidly changing IT environment, it’s essential to constantly question oneself and the company and keep a fresh perspective. Former leaders take on expert roles within Easi so we can continue to benefit from their experience.”

Employees as co-owners

Easi pays a lot of attention to employee engagement. “We often recruit straight from school. ESG aspects already play a significant role in our onboarding and compensation package, which candidates highly appreciate. From day one, employees receive tailored training and coaching. They can choose between three tracks: management (learning leadership skills), expertise building (expanding and deepening knowledge, plus teamwork), or project management. To further strengthen engagement, employees can become shareholders of Easi. “Nearly one in three is a co-owner, including everyone in a management position. This gives them even more insight into the ins and outs of the business. The involvement is reflected, among other things, in lower absenteeism and reduced sick leave.”

Easi in a nutshell

Easi provides IT services and software to SMEs and large companies in the Benelux and France. Its flagship is Adfinity, a management and accounting solution. By the end of 2023, the company acquired Kozalys, specialised in business intelligence and data analytics. Easi has over 500 employees and, in 2023, won the title of ‘Best Managed Companies’ (Deloitte) for the sixth time, on top of being named the ‘Best Employer in Belgium’ for the ninth consecutive year (Vlerick Business School in collaboration with The Great Place to Work).